Maya Esora 『Hypnosis』

2017.9.1  -  2017.9.30

Space Theater
Exhibition Description Video
Profile 1986 Born in Hokkaido, Japan
2015 Kyoto University of Art and Design (MA Art and Design), Japan
Currently lives and works in TOKYO
Exhibition Description My expression is based on “Arts of through Field Works”.
I’m researching motivation of creators while art events include setting at the exhibition hall. Communications loss between the organizer and creators sometimes make worsen quality of projects. I think the aim of organizer is managing the exhibition, so the organizer’s priority and creators’ one is different. Then I’m challenging to planning an exhibition and improving it through the art. I’m currently developing interactive systems for communication design.
Concept Director / Production by Maya Esora
Music by Einsteins

We are living every day while being captured by something. It sounds like a hypnotism that can not be solved.