Takayuki Yoshida 『Ponpoko Mountain』

2017.9.1  -  2017.9.30

Space Theater
Exhibition Description Video
Profile Born in 1972, Hokkaido, Japan. Completed graduate studies in sociology at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. Studied filmmaking at the Film School of Tokyo and involved in making some documentary films. Participated in the film criticism workshop at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in 2011. Worked as a coordinator for an international film festival, Tokyo FILMeX / Talents Tokyo, in 2014. An editor of Japanese documentary magazine NEONEO, and co-author of Japanese books on a French filmmaker, Chris Marker, and American avant-garde movies. My recent video work PONPOKO MOUNTAIN (2016) has been selected for 19 international video art and film festivals in 16 countries up to now.

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Concept (Directed by Takayuki Yoshida, 2016, 10min, HD, 16:9, B&W)
A “Ponpoko Mountain” is an air playground equipment of white color, which is set at a park in Japan. It is a trampoline like a snow mountain and children are playing on its top. This video wrok expresses a “harmony” between the color of white and children in the unique landscape where there are domed curves, by using a combination technique of moving and still images. It was made inspired by a word of a Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, who once said: “who is no longer a child is no longer an artist”, which is quoted in the beginning of the work.