Benjamin Langholz 『Bound to Complexity』

2017.4.21  -  2017.4.23

スペース名 1-G
出展内容 インスタレーション
プロフィール Hi Hello!
I'm originally from California, but have been traveling for the past 2 years. Currently I live in Tokyo. I study Kinbaku, Japanese rope bondage with Kinoko Hajime. I tie humans, as well as build installations with rope and other material to express myself.
活動内容 The room will be transformed with a web of red rope. I will incorporate objects into the web which will reflect the visitors, giving them the feeling of being tied. Visitors will be invited to spend as long as they like in the space and there will be pillows and comfortable areas to sit. I will do a performance tying models in the space as well.
展示コンセプト With Kinbaku I give the person I am tying a very intense feeling. But with my installation work I will give a similar feeling to visitors by tying the space that they are invited to enter. They see themselves tied in the space which will intensify the feeling. The environment will give a similar feeling to being tied. Please come and experience it!